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Tarvasjoen Konepaja Oy

Tarvasjoen Konepaja Oy is a subcontracting company specializing in sheet metal and other metal works. Our customers are companies from all over Finland.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, expert staff and central location let us offer top-quality metal subcontracting to customers throughout Finland.

To ensure top-quality product development capabilities, we focus on the continual renewal of our equipment. This means we can perform sheet metal and other metal work more efficiently and offer our customers a wider selection of services. Contact us!

Company history

The history of Tarvasjoen Konepaja Oy begins back in 1963, when Leo Mynttinen started a company called Killalan Puutyö (Killala Woodworks) in the town of Tarvasjoki in southwest Finland. The company's main products were tractor safety cabins, hay pole augers and potato harvesters.

In 1976, the company started to focus on the needs of the baking industry and specialized in baking machines. The company name was then changed to Tarvasjoen Konepaja Ky. Leo's sons Jaakko and Matti Mynttinen worked alongside their father until 1982, when Matti suddenly passed away and Jaakko took the helm.

1994 marked the start of a new era in the import of fodder mixing wagons and Jaakko decided to focus on importing and maintaining SEKO fodder mixing wagons.

In 1999, Matti Mynttinen's son Mika stepped in for his deceased father and started working with his uncle. He brought expertise in the fields of fireplace door manufacturing and metal industry subcontracting to the company.

Tarvasjoen Konepaja became an incorporated company in 2013.

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Matti Mynttinen (left) and Mika Mynttinen (right) 1976